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Micro Drone 3 Takes Social Media To The Skies

While commercial drones can already record and stream video, the newly crowd funded Micro Drone 3 is one of the first to effortlessly share that live video with others. Developed in London, the Micro Drone 3 has now passed its $500,000 Indiegogo stretch goal, which means it will stream video live via Periscope and Meerkat, and will support virtual reality video via Google Cardboard.

With just weeks left in its crowdfunding campaign, developer Extreme Fliers plans to ship the $150 drone to backers in November of this year, with plans to make it to retail shops before the holidays are over.

Streaming live drone footage to virtual reality headsets may sound like a recipe for motion sickness, but Extreme Fliers has outfitted the Micro Drone 3 with a number of stabilization features. An onboard Micro-Gimbal will steady the video shot on the Micro Drone 3's 1280 x 720 camera, and corrective algorithms enable auto-levelling for steady flight through heavy wind turbulence (gusts as strong as 45 miles per hour).

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The Micro Drone 3 is also rigged with motion sensors for evading collisions and dealing with pesky walls in its way. Extreme Fliers claims those sensors will allow the Micro Drone 3 to fly in "perfect straight lines," which, combined with the drone's HD camera, could make it useful in a variety of industries. The drone's modular design lets users expand it, with six free custom frames going to early supporters, as well as three distinct modes that allow you to change the drone's size and add different rotary blades.

Looking at this GIF from its Indiegogo page, the Micro Drone 3 can even be part Spider-Man, gripping onto flat panes with suction cup feet.

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