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The Electric Rickshaw for Neo-Tokyo

It may look like something out of Tron, but this unusual-looking vehicle actually has more in common with you. This is the Maybach DRS, or Den-Riki-Sha. It's a little Nihongo wordplay on electric and rickshaw, the latter being a man-powered mass transit option from Meiji-era Japan.

The DRS is a three-passenger rickshaw that runs on two large hub-less wheels powered by a self-balancing electric engine. It'll also have a bit of hybrid power in the form of good old bike pedals to extend its range a bit.

What makes the DRS stand out from other electric vehicles is the manufacturing process: it's not so much built as it is birthed from a "DNA-encoded cocoon", whatever that means. So it'll be the first car of its class that sports biological and mechanical components? A car-borg, then?

[source: LA Auto Show]