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Highways to Harvest Solar Energy

We all know the pros and cons of solar power: Cleanest energy ever, but the most inefficient source of power right now. It just takes up so much space to generate enough electricity to provide a city's needs, especially when compared to more pollution-generating sources. What we could do is use several miles worth of real estate for harvesting solar power; and if you've ever been stuck in rush hour, you know the best place to cook under the sun: the highway.

Swedish architect Mans Tham's Solar Serpents in Paradise is a proposal to convert California highways from slow-moving bottles of road-rage into energy collecting expressways. Call it a Solarbahn, if you must. The project calls for covering the Santa Monica freeway with over 10,000,000 square feet of photovoltaic panels, enough to generate up to 150GWh a year.

Hey, if it helps keep the sun out of your eyes during a traffic jam and gives clean energy to boot, that sounds like a really great idea.

[source:Inhabitat via Gizmag]