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Liva Headphones Access Alexa without a Smartphone

When connected to a Wi-Fi source, the Livas access Alexa in the cloud, eliminating the need for your smartphone. I found out how handy the Livas are in a mini demo. Donning the cans, I cued Alexa and asked it to turn on the lights. After the usual beeps, the LED bulb plugged into a nearby smart socket turned on. I was rather impressed because the command worked over Wi-Fi despite all the competing network signals flying around on the Computex 2018 floor.

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And I know what you're thinking. What about those times there isn't any Wi-Fi. On those occasions, the Livas turn back into a normal pair of headphones and rely on it Bluetooth 4.2 capabilities. But if you've got Wi-Fi access, feel free to launch Spotify or Amazon Music and stream your tunes from the cloud.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to test the Livas actual audio quality. But I'm looking to doing so soon, particularly with Liva Aston Smart Premium headphones which offer active noise cancellation and the ability to play high-res tracks. According to parent company ECS, the premium version of the cans will offer over five hours of battery life for the ANC. It's a bit short for more modern ANC headphones, but I'll put that time to the test once they're ready for review.  

Sherri L. Smith

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