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Organic Photovoltaics Make Efficiency Gains

The problem with silica-based photovoltaic cells is that if it isn't silicone, which everyone knows bends submissively to your your two-handed will, then more often than not it will resist any attempt at structural deformity. 

There's always the alternative, like using organic-based cells. However, unlike traditional photovoltaics, they normally aren't efficient enough to power anything more than a single LED.

Konarka has recently announced that it's gotten past this little technical difficulty. They've created a plastic-based solar cell that has an 8.3 efficiency rating. That's not high, compared to a regular, roof-mounted photovoltaics, but that's probably the highest for this kind of solar panel.

Since they're too inefficient to power cars or light homes, these plastic solar cells are being marketed by Konarka as attachments to ladies' shoulder bags. It's good enough to power your cellphone or MP3 player, though, so at least you can never use that low-battery excuse when your boyfriend gives you a call.

[source: CNET]