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Jawbone Jambox: the 21st Century Boombox

With technology moving towards miniaturization, it was inevitable that the over-the-shoulder boom box would go the way of the velociraptor; clawing in anguished fury as it descended into the tar pits of obsolescence. Just like the velociraptor, the boom box had to evolve into a lighter, fluffier, chirpier form. Now it's back as a handheld wireless speaker/microphone combo.

Jawbone touts their JAMBOX as the"first intelligent wireless speaker and speakerphone." The brick-sized multipurpose device not only blasts audio, it also functions as a hands-free speakerphone. It can seamlessly switch between either task by connecting wirelessly to any Bluetooth-enabled gadgets in the vicinity.

The "intelligent" part of the equation comes courtesy of Jawbone's proprietary online service, MyTALK. It can provide software updates for your JAMBOX, as well as let you install apps and features to customize your talking brick. You can also program in audio alerts for things like caller ID and other notices, such as warning you of battery life.

It's nice to see that there's still a place in our high-tech world for ubiquitous speakers that can help you annoy the hell out of passers by with your loud rap music. Thanks evolution!

[source: Jambox  via Gear Diary]