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AT&T Offers $99 iPhone

Just before Christmas, we learned that Wal-Mart would sell the iPhone 3G for $197. AT&T would be on hand to help with the activation of the iPhones as of December 28, and Wal-Mart customers could walk out of their local store all setup on AT&T’s network.

Despite that, there was still a huge amount of speculation about the possibility of a smaller capacity iPhone 3G from Wal-Mart at a low price. People figured that $197 didn’t really seem like enough of a discount for Wal-Mart, so most had their bets on a 4GB iPhone 3G at $99.

December 28 came and went but Wal-Mart did not bring any such offer with it. But to our surprise, AT&T started selling a $99 iPhone on its website. While it may not be a 4GB iPhone like everyone initially thought, it's still a jesusPhone for under a hundred bucks.

The wireless carrier’s website lists an 8GB Refurbished black iPhone 3G for just $99 as well as a black or white 16GB rerfurb for $199. AT&T describes the refurbished iPhones as previously owned devices that have been unused to lightly used and that all refurbs come with a 90 day warranty.

“Refurbished phones are previously owned devices that have been unused or lightly used and returned during the 30-day trial period. Each refurbished phone is independently quality tested and loaded with the latest software to meet current factory standards. Some refurbished iPhone 3G devices will have minor scratches.”

Sounds like a pretty good deal to us. The only part that would worry us is the “minor scratches” but we’d imagine anyone with a shiny new iPhone would be pretty careful about not dropping it or leaving it in their pocket with their keys and a bunch of other pocket junk. Let us know if you snag one of these (they’re only available on a ‘while stocks last’ basis) and how it runs/looks.

AT&T also provides a link to Apple’s support pages for details about the warranty of your refurb.