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Some iPhone 4 Users Think They Already Have 4G

The iPhone 3G and 3GS had 3G radio technology, so that means that the iPhone 4 must have 4G, right? No, that's just dead wrong – but that doesn't stop at least one-third of iPhone 4 users from thinking that.

Retrevo conducted a survey on 4G phone adoption, and asked consumers if they were planning on buying a 4G phone this year. 34 percent of iPhone owners believed that they already had one.

While that may paint Apple users in a bit of an uninformed light, not far behind were Android users, of which 29 percent questioned also believed that they had a 4G phone. Of course, some of them may actually be right, if they own a HTC Evo 4G or Samsung Infuse 4G.

BlackBerry users were a little savvier, with only 24 percent thinking that they already had a 4G phone.

For those who said no to an upgrade to 4G, the largest reason, given by 30 percent of respondents, was that the data plan costs too much. 22 percent felt that 4G performance wasn't worth the cost, and 19 percent admitted that they didn’t know enough about 4G.

How do you feel about 4G?