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Apple Engineer Warned Jobs About iPhone 4 in '09

Steve Jobs was very proud of Apple's external antenna design when the iPhone 4 was revealed on stage in June. At the time, most figured that the massive antenna wrapped around the phone would be a good thing, but we've since learned that it's the Achilles heel to the iPhone 4.

Apparently, this design flaw wasn't something that Apple was completely oblivious to. According to Bloomberg, Ruben Caballero, a senior engineer and antenna expert at Apple, informed company management last year that the external band antenna could adversely affect reception.

One of Apple's carrier partners also reportedly raised concerns – prior to the phone's launch – about how the external antenna would affect reception.

Apple made no comment on the report and would not make Caballero available for an interview.

Hopefully all will be sorted at tomorrow's iPhone 4 press conference.

  • dameon51
    Well if they knew that in advance why didn't they pre-duct tape it?
  • danlw
    Stories like this are why I believe every single Dilbert strip is absolutely true!
  • Albyint
    Keep sweeping this under the rug apple, it will go away eventually wont it?
  • miloo
    meh, i bet they have the same antenna issue on the up coming white iphone 4, good luck fanboy haha
  • hellknight_mnd
    ANd.. now the engineer is gonna get fired...
  • omnimodis78
    A puny engineer vs The Messiah - come on...who do you think wins? Well, let me rephrase that, clearly we know who won...
  • sliem
    "Apple made no comment on the report and would not make Caballero available for an interview."

    because Caballero no longer exists in this world.
  • theguy82
    I am sure this guy will get fired now.
  • zyzeast
    yea... if he's lucky!
  • Tmanishere
    Ruben Caballero was not holding it right.