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Intel's Dothan Makes Its Late Debut

Test Setup, Continued

Due to the high-value graphics subsystem, a test of gaming performance was also on the agenda. The Dell Inspiron 8600 with the MR9600 Pro Turbo was a reference for this test, as well as other notebooks and desktop PC systems used for the test at that time.

Dell Inspiron 8600Asus M6800NDell Inspiron 8600Blackbox-M11Yakumo Q8M Power64 XD
TypeTwo-Spindle / All-In-OneTwo-Spindle / All-In-OneTwo-Spindle / All-In-OneTwo-Spindle / All-In-OneTwo-Spindle / All-In-One
Dimensions (WxHxD)357mm x 36mm x 276mm / 14.01" x 1.42" x 10.87"352mm x 37mm x 272mm / 13.85" x 1.46" x 10.71"357mm x 36mm x 276mm / 14.01" x 1.42" x 10.87"360mm x 60mm x 270mm / 14.2" x 2.4" x 10.6"333mm x 47mm x 285mm / 13.1" x 1.85" x 11.2"
Weight of unit3510g / 7.72lbs2960 g / 6.51lbs3510g / 7.72lbs4400g / 9.68lbs3985g / 8.77lbs
Weight of charger and cable440 g / 0.97 lbs414 g / 0.91lbs440 g / 0.97 lbs1300 g / 2.86 lbs735g / 1.62lbs
Battery Weight470 g / 16.59 oz426 g / 15.00oz470 g / 16.59 oz650 g / 22.95oz675g / 23.83 oz
Pointing Device(s)Touchpad +TrackstickTouchpadTouchpad +TrackstickTouchpadTouchpad
Display Size15,4"15.1"15,4"15,4"15"
Display Resolution1680x10501400x10501920x12001920x12001024x786
CPUPentium-M 1.7 GHzPentium-M 1.5 GHzPentium-M 1.7 GHzPentium4 2.40 GHz HTAthlon 64 Mobile 3000+
Amount of Memory512 MB512 MB512 MB512 MB512 MB
Chipset NorthbridgeIntel 82855PM (MCH)Intel 82855PM (MCH)Intel 82855PM (MCH)Intel 865K8T800
Chipset SouthbridgeIntel 82801DBM ICH4-MIntel 82801DBM ICH4-MIntel 82801DBM ICH4-MIntel ICH5VT8235
Graphics ControllerATI MR9600 Pro Turbo 128 MB DDR 337MHz /243MHz (core/memory)ATI MR9600 64 MB DDR 317MHz /210MHz (core/memory)Nvidia Geforce FX Go5650 128 MB DDR 325MHz /295MHz (core/memory)ATI MR9700 128 MB DDR 445MHz/ 263 MHz (core/memory)ATI MR9600 64 MB DDR 350MHz /200MHz (core/memory)
Hard drive bay2.5", 9.5 mm height2.5", 9.5 mm height2.5", 9.5 mm height2.5", 9.5mm height2.5", 9.5mm height
EthernetBroadcom 440x 10/100 MBitBroadcom NetXtreme GigabitBroadcom 440x 10/100 MBit10/100 MBitVIA compatible 10/100 MBit
Bluetooth-RadioDell Truemobile 1300-Dell Truemobile 1300optionNo
ModemBCM V.92 56K ModemSoft K56 Dta Fax SmartCPPCTEL 2304WT V.92 MDC ModemSmart Link 56kSmart Link 56k
AudioSigma Tel C-MajorSigmaTel C-Major AudioSigma Tel C-MajorSigmaTel C-Major AudioC-Media AC97
Battery Capacity72 Wh63.64 Wh72 Wh95 Wh97.68 Wh
DVD-/CD-R/RW-DriveNEC ND-5100A 4x/4x/8x/
/16x16x24x DVD+R/+RW/
7200rpm/8 MB
Toshiba SD-R2512 8x/ /24x24x24x DVD-/
/CD-R/-RW Combo Laufwerk
NEC ND-5100ADVD+RW-DrivePanasonic UJ815 A 2x/1x8x/
/CD-R/-RW (Multi-DVD)+2x DVD-RAM
HarddiscHitachi Travelstar 7K60 HTS7260-
60M9AT00 ATA-6
60 GB/
Hitachi Travelstar 80GN IC25N08-
80 GB/
4200rpm/8 MB
Fujitsu MHT2060AT PL ATA-6 60 GB/
4200rpm/2 MB
80 GBSeagate Momentus ST94011A ATA-6 40 GB/
5400rpm/2 MB
PC-Card Slot(s)1xtype II ( L)1xtype II ( L)1xtype II ( L)1xtype II1x type II (R)
Floppy DriveNoNoNoNo
USB ports2x USB 2.0 (2x B)2x USB 2.0 (2x B)4x USB 2.04x USB 2.0 (R,B)
1394 ports1x (L)1x (L)1x (L)1x1x (F)
IR portIrDA 1.1 (L)IrDA (L)IrDA 1.1 (L)NoYes (F)
Serial PortsYes (B)NoYes (B)NoNo
Parallel PortsYes (B)Yes (B)Yes (B)NoYes (B)
VGA outYes (B)Yes (B)Yes (B)YesYes (B)
Line In Connector
Yes(L)/Yes(L)Yes(L)/Yes(L)Yes(L)/Yes(L)Yes/YesYes/Yes/No (F)
Video-In/OutNo/Yes ( B, S-Video )No/Yes ( B, S-Video )No/Yes ( B, S-Video )No/Yes (S-Video)No/Yes (S-Video)
B=Back side, F=Front, L=Left side, R=Right Side
ExtrasCD-Player feature4 in 1 Cardreader (F)

Notebook configurations that are used in a comparison of gaming performance.