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24KT Gold Playstation 3 Starts at $4,999

Chip Chick links to a limited edition iPhone 3GS listed over on Computer Choppers. While the pricing wasn't offered, the device is constructed of 24kt gold and features an Apple logo studded with flawless diamonds.

We've seen similar iPhone designs like this over on Stuart Hughes --including the "world's most expensive iPhone"--as well as its $309K gold-plated PlayStation 3 Slim and its $464,000 gold-plated Wii console.

Computer Choppers also serves up a golden PlayStation 3 Slim, costing a starting price of $5K USD. Outside the normal PS3 stuff, the shell is made of 24kt gold, a custom logo, and two controllers covered in 24kt gold as well.

Want a 24kt gold Blackberry Storm 2? Computer Choppers has your number too. Crazy.

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