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Electric Hummer 2X More Efficient than Prius

Going green is one of the biggest bandwagons to be on these days.

Not only is everyone supposedly big on saving energy when using computers, they're also concerned for the environment--at least that's the trend. Despite this, there are people wasting natural resources everyday.  It's the whole mindset that "I am just a small individual," so the impact is next to nothing.

General Motors has teamed up with Raser Technologies to work on the new Electric Hummer H3. The big kicker here is that GM claims the new Hummer will deliver twice the mileage per gallon as the Toyota Prius. Despite it's big size the Electric Hummer H3 will tout along an equally big 600-pound lithium-ion battery system.

However, even though it may deliver GM's claim of 100 miles to the gallon, the electric H3 will require a recharge every 40 miles. But this is only when the vehicle is operating in all-electric mode.

When you think about all these hybrids and other "green things," don't forget to include all the manufacturing that goes into producing these systems and batteries. Yes we are saving on gas consumption, but at what other price?