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HumanCar: Flinstones Car of the 21st Century

The HumanCar, designed by Charles Greenwood, isn’t exactly the addition you would expect to this year’s lineup of innovative and futuristic cars. Powered entirely by a four-manned rowing system, the HumanCar is the world’s first car that is powered solely by humans. Rowing allows the vehicle to accelerate while leaning from side to side allows the car to turn in different directions.

In addition to the human powered rowing system, the HumanCar is also built with an electric motor that assists the driver if he or she is rowing solo. Included with the electric motor is a regenerative braking unit that charges the motor while you slow down to a stop. Despite having to work pretty hard to get this car moving, buyers will also have to shell out a hefty $15,500 to own one of these cars.

The concept is definitely interesting but we don’t see the HumanCar having a lot of practical use other than some minor entertainment and fun. And even for that, $15,500 might be a bit too steep of a price.