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HP Photosmart R967: Big screen and 10 Megapixels


At a Glance

Let's face it. If you're into digital SLRs, it's hard to fathom that a compact camera that fits into your shirt pocket could not only stand "toe to toe" with the most of the features of your DSLR, but could also add in a few features that your camera could never hope to have. That's just what you'll find in the HP Photosmart R967.

The front of the Photosmart R967 has an attractive brushed stainless steel look. It measures 3.78" x 1.01" x 2.44" and weighs in at just half a pound with battery. The R967 includes all of the features found in its less expensive sibling, the R827 but adds a number of features to justify its heftier $449 price.

First, it sports some big numbers - 10 megapixels, a 3" (diagonal) screen and at its highest resolution, an effective resolution of 3664 X 2752 pixels. The three-inch screen is very impressive. Not only does the large size make it easier to frame your shots, but you just can't beat it for reviewing your photos. As we shot some of our test photos at sunset, neighbors gathered around to see the results. The 3" screen drew accolades from all who watched our sample shots using the built-in slide show viewer. It makes the 2" screen on our DSLR seem tiny in comparison.

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