New Hatchimals Deliver Fun and Mystery

NEW YORK - Ever since they hit the scene in 2016, Spin Master's Hatchimals have have been some of the best toys around. The company is hoping to continue the trend with its latest addition to the line, Hatchimals Mystery. Available $59.99 starting in August, the Mystery line adds four adorable new members, each with the ability to learn to interact with you in adorable ways.

With the original Hatchimals, the surprise was which version of the Draggie or Penguala you were getting. With the Mystery version, you're going in blind and can hatch out any of the four new species. But just like the first version of the toy, Hatchimals Mystery toys thrive on interaction. Which means from rubbing and holding the shell to encourage your new friend to peck its way out of its shell to teaching it words, the toy evolves, based on how often you play with it.

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During our Toy Fair 2018 demo, we watched as the Spin Master rep started the hatching process, holding the egg and rubbing. Between a cute coo or two, you could see the Hatchimal's green beak poke through the egg. Just like the original toy, it looks like it could take a while for your Hatchimal to break through its shell. Even though the toy had pecked through one side of the egg, it still had a ways to go on the other side. 

But once hatched, the new Hatchimal species are adorable with their big endearing eyes and soft colorful fur. Thanks to some strategically-placed sensors, the toy will respond to pats on the head, tickling its belly and turning it upside down, among other actions. The toy will also learn to talk through interactions with you. The device can also learn a series of tricks based on hand claps. For example, clapping twice will make the Hatchimal spin around.

Unlike other toys on the market, a Hatchimal Mystery doesn't require an app thanks to its myriad of tricks. In many ways, it's like a cuter Furby, one that I can't wait to cuddle and train.

Sherri L. Smith

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