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The ATV that's Lean, Mean and Green

Dan Hanebrink is a Renaissance man. He's and athlete, rocket scientist, and nature explorer all rolled into one. So when a friend asked him to design a transport system for a trip to the Antarctic wastelands, Hanebrink's solution was simple: he created a bike that could go farther than conventional counterparts.

A decade later, and he's brought his original Ice Bike concept to its logical conclusion. the Hanebrink All-Terrain Electric Vehicle's monstrously super-wide tires let it tear through desert, mountain or city streets with ease. Its 600-watt electric motor lets you cruise at 20mph for 5 hours, without so much as an oil slick or carbon monoxide puff. The sturdy frame lets it carry up to 300lbs of excess cargo through the most rugged of terrains.

It's a great alternative to gas-powered ATV's out in the market, and a perfect ride for the eco-friendly adventurer.

[source: Hanebrink via Tuvie]