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Google's Solve for X Website Goes Online

A YouTube video for the "Solve for X" website describes a thinktank approach that aims to deliver a "radical solution" for a "huge problem" in order to develop a "breakthrough technology". Google itself says "Solve for X is a place where the curious can go to hear and discuss" those ideas.

A few more information pieces have emerged on Monday, implying that visions will have to presented in a laser-focused 12-minute monologue to a "highly accomplished group of people" in a conference environment. Google lifted the importance of the presentations to the likes of Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy. It is inspiration, passion and intelligence the company is looking for.

It seems, occasionally, many of us have dreams to improve the world we live in, but we typically get stuck because we lack an ability to attract the resources to realize that dream. Solve for X sounds like a forum for exactly those dreamers. If you are a dreamer - and a genius - this may be the place for you to apply.