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Google Hotpot: Yelp's Latest Competitor?

Hotpot is a yelp-like addition to the current Google Places designed to provide additional information, reviews and recommendations to the increasing 50 million places in Google's database.

In the blog unveiling Hotpot, Google explained, "When you rate places you like, we’ll tell you about other related places you’ll love. I love my favorite neighborhood restaurant in Noe Valley, Firefly, so when I rate it 5 stars, Hotpot will try to recommend other places for me in the city with simple, homey food such as Home restaurant."

Hotpot will also share your recommendations with your friends and you will be able to see their recommendations as well. In order to make the use of Hotpot easier, Google created an app that allows users to quickly rate all the places they've been to and invite all of their friends to use Hotpot.

If you happen to have an Android phone, you are also in luck because the Google Maps app will assimilate Hotpot into your search results and you will be able to rate on the go.

As more and more users use Hotpot, the awesome new feature will continue to grow and help you decide where to eat when you are visiting a certain place, or if you simply just want to try something new.

Check out Hotpot here and let us know what you think!