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Google Goggles Smart Enough to Do Your Sudoku

Google's Goggles software for Android and iPhone are pretty startlingly cool. All one has to do is point the device's camera at something and Google knows how to do a visual search.

This is particularly useful for when you want to learn more about something but you do not know what it's called. Now Goggles has been updated for both iPhone and Android to include new features that make it more than just a visual search tool.

The new Google Goggles can identify magazine print ads from August 2010 onwards. If you see something that you fancy from Bridal or Guns and Ammo, you can whip out your phone to get the search results from the product and brand.

Goggles can now also replace your barcode scanner, as it will recognize traditional barcodes as well as QR codes.

The coolest new feature, which for most people might just be a party trick, is Google Goggles' ability to instantly solve a Sudoku puzzle. All one has to do is take a picture of the Sudoku puzzle and Goggles will automagically fill it in.

Next up has to be solving complex mathematical equations.

Read more at the Google blog.