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Google Chrome Canary Now Available for Mac

"Finally", of course, isn't entirely correct as this particular release channel has been a test in itself. Google wasn't quite sure whether there would be enough users who are interested in running an unreliable version of Chrome that is offered between the Chromium nightly builds and the tested Chrome developer versions. It turns out that there are enough users: Google says hundreds of thousands of people have signed up for the Canary channel.

In exchange for the risk of running an unstable version of the browser, users get access to many more features that are under development than users of the stable, beta and developer channels. Those features, which can be enabled via switches and flags (about:flags) are available earlier than in the developer builds, as Google updates its Canary builds typically once a week.

You can download the Chrome Canary builds here. The stable, beta, developer, Canary and nightly versions can be installed in parallel on a single computer.