Android Browser Now World's Most Popular Mobile Browser

Data released by Internet analytics firm StatCounter shows that Android eclipsed Opera for the first time with a 22.67 percent versus 21.7 percent advantage. Apple's Safari version for iPhone follows with 21.06 percent.

All other browsers play minor roles, including Nokia's Symbian browser with 11.24 percent and RIM's Blackberry browser with 6.53 percent.

In the desktop browser market, Google's Chrome kept adding market share and landed at 29.84 percent for February, while Microsoft's IE dropped to 35.75 percent. Google is already approaching IE market on weekends, when the browser is now capturing more than 32 percent market share, while Microsoft has dropped below 33 percent, according to StatCounter. Mozilla's Firefox appears to have found some ground under its feet and has stabilize just below 25 percent market share (24.88 percent in February).

At least according to the trend revealed by StatCounter, there is a good chance that Chrome will be surpassing IE market share for the first time next weekend.

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  • Anonymous
    graph is showing desktop browsers???
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  • Anonymous
    graph is showing desktop browsers???
  • Anonymous
    I don't see android or safari in graph, strange.....
  • livebriand
    On the mobile side, I doubt most people bother with alternatives. On the desktop side, I'm glad to see IE share dropping (that browser is total crap anyway) but don't like that Chrome is gaining - Google makes their money off stalking, I mean tracking, people online, so why should I trust them? I use Firefox. It has the best addons anyway (Chrome is ok, but you can't have things like stratiform that completely change the UI and things like Ghostery can't block as effectively; it's better than IE at least which has nothing good).