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Google Cardboard Camera App Brings VR to iOS

Apple's iOS platform is finally getting a bit of attention on the virtual-reality front. According to VRScout, Google has finally released its Google Cardboard Camera app for iOS devices. The free app will let innovative shutterbugs capture images in 360 degree for later viewing on a Google Cardboard viewer. It's essentially a cool way to show off all those cool locales you've visited.

The app's arrival on iOS also heralds new sharing features for both platforms, including allowing users to create links for single images or entire collections. People looking to check out the newfangled pics will view them with the app, complete with any ambient audio that was recorded with the image.

So how does the app work? It essentially captures images in panoramic mode, but in 3D, so each eye will have a slightly different view allowing for actual depth perception. If you've ever done a panorama shot on a smartphone, you know that depending on how steady your hand is, you can get an amazing result.

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But more often than not (at least) in my experience, panorama shots have come out uneven and janky. The closest comparison I can make is that it sort of looks like a Google Photos Sphere's shot, but with more depth.

Overall, Google's iOS Cardboard Camera app is a great entry point into the quickly growing VR industry. If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone and a Google Cardboard laying around, I highly recommend you take the app for a spin.

Sherri L. Smith

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