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Gigabyte Selfie Assistant Tracks Your Face

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Selfie stick haters, rejoice! A new device could make selfie-taking even easier. Gigabyte's new Selfie Assistant is a small stand with a moving dock for your phone that turns to follow you so that your face is always in the frame. Two models will be available in August for $180 and $200, depending on whether you opt for the mid-range SA-102 or high-end SA-101. 

Together with Gigabyte's app for iOS and Android, the Selfie Assistant triggers your smartphone to snap whenever it detects that subjects are standing still. I was impressed, during my time with the device, by how quickly it responded. I pranced around in front of the demo setup, and the phone rotated to follow me from side to side, with a red box framing my face to indicate it had locked on, a la Terminator.

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When I stood still, a two-second countdown appeared on the screen. Then, my portrait was snapped. The app also offers Panorama and Video shooting modes among others. You can manually move the dock with an accompanying remote control. The higher-end SA-101's remote is RF-enabled and lets you rotate the base just by waving the remote control around, as if wielding a wand. On the lower-end SA-102, you have to press the physical buttons. The SA-102 is smaller and has more limited movement.

According to a Gigabyte rep, the SA-101 will last up to 1 hour of continuous shooting and 8 hours on standby. The SA-102 should continuously shoot for 3 hours thanks to its larger 1,600-mAh battery, as compared to the SA-101's 1,090-mAh one. The SA-101 has two microUSB ports, one to charge the device and one to charge your smartphone.

The Selfie Assistant connects to your phone and companion remote via Bluetooth 4.0. Gigabyte's rep told me the device is designed for indoor group shots. However, the Selfie Assistant can be mounted on a tripod or just stuck on any surface when you're traveling to be your personal paparazzo on the go.

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