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GDC 2015 Day 2: Top 6 Stories

News from the world's largest and longest running professionals-only game industry event keeps rolling in. Yesterday (March 4) brought news from chip-makers AMD and Nvidia. We got some hands-on time with Valve's new Steam Box and Steam Controller. Plus, we got to play some really cool new games. Check out all the highlights. 

Steam Controller Hands-on

After years of tinkering, Valve is almost ready to release its much-anticipated Steam Controller. It should go on sale in November for $50. After we got some quality time with the unusual peripheral, we're pleased to report solid performance. 

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Zotac Steam Box Revealed

Zotac is working with Valve to create the SN970 Steam Box, which will go on sale in November for $999. The polished prototype has plenty of ports and serious power, including the 6th-generation Intel Skylake processor and Nvidia GeForce 970M GPU.

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Mario vs. Donkey Kong Hands-on

Available today (March 5) for $20 in the Nintendo eShop, Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars is ready to take over your Wii U and 3DS. The enjoyable game features 64 base levels with another 24 that can be unlocked.

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AMD's Radeon Spotted Inside Oculus Rift

Previously unconfirmed, but widely rumored, AMD's next flagship Radeon R9 chip will power the Oculus Rift. Our friends at Tom's Hardware confirmed this fact with the AMD representative that demonstrated Showdown running on the Rift Crescent Bay. The new chip should help the virtual reality headset achieve some of the realism that Oculus has promised.

Smite Comes to Xbox One

Hi-Rez is finally bringing is battle arena PC game, Smite, to the console world. The Xbox One version we got to play with will give players the ability to fight more than 60 gods for free. To compensate for the fact that console gamers sit farther away, Hi-Rez increased the font sizes, streamlined the menus and re-arranged the heads-up display information for better at-a-glance reading. 

Nvidia Announces Titan X

A surprise announcement during an Epic press conference, Nvidia CES Jen-Hsun Huang revealed the Titan X Maxwell GPU that packs a staggering 8 billion transistors. It also offers an amazing 12GB frame buffer. The company was tight lipped on many more details, but we have heard rumbles that more information may be forthcoming in the next couple of weeks.