T-Mobile's Buy One, Get One Galaxy S8 Deal Is Bogus

T-Mobile is kicking off the weekend in style with what seems like a buy-one, get-one offer on the hottest smartphone right now. But this deal doesn't really live up to the BOGO definition.

The "Un-carrier" announced on Friday (May 12) a promotion on Samsung's Galaxy S8. Those who buy a Galaxy S8 at T-Mobile and agree to a 24-month contract will be eligible to receive not another phone but a prepaid card in the amount of the S8's value. The promo is available to T-Mobile One customers and not those with any other agreements.

Photo credit: Jeremy Lips

(Image credit: Photo credit: Jeremy Lips)

In fact, there are several caveats to this deal. For one, you'll need to bring some cash down in order to qualify, including a $30 down payment and taxes and fees. You'll also need to agree to the 24-month agreement, which will set you back $30 each month, so if you're hoping to pick up a BOGO in a quick lump sum, you're out of luck.

If you sign up for T-Mobile's offer, you'll be given a Prepaid MasterCard Card issued by Citibank. The rebate will be applied to that card, which can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. T-Mobile noted, however, that the MasterCard doesn't come with cash access, so you'll need to swipe it at participating stores in order to use it. As a bonus, the fine print says to allow 8 weeks!

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In the event you cancel your offer before the 24 months is up, T-Mobile will charge you the remaining balance on the $750 handset.

But arguably the biggest hurdle you'll have to overcome in the new deal is that it's only available to those who set up a new line through T-Mobile. So, if you already have two lines and want to get a Galaxy S8 on both, you'll need to pay full price on both handsets. Only if you plan to add another line can you qualify for the freebie.

Samsung launched its Galaxy S8 last month to considerable fanfare. The handset has earned rave reviews, thanks in no small part to its attractive design, beautiful screen, and ample power. The Galaxy S8 also comes with lengthy battery life and a screen that nearly entirely covers the face of the device.

Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 on all four major carriers in the U.S. Earlier this week, the company announced a new pre-order opportunity for those who want an unlocked model.

T-Mobile's offer is available now. The company didn't say when it would expire.

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  • Feingoldjk
    The 750 dollar gift card can be applied to pay off the phone, eliminating the 30 dollar a month price for the phone. Seems to me that you have some kind of negative bias to T-Mobile.
  • jfalkingham
    Definitely not bogus. You get a phone at $30 down, $30 a month for 24 months = $750. In about 8 weeks you get a visa gift card with a credit of $750. You can use it to pay off the s8 you got and have a free phone or you can get another s8 at full retail or you can do whatever you want with the credit anywhere visa is accepted. It's a good deal.
  • joe_242
    honeslty this shows very original thinking by T mobile and gives customers options, I don't see the downside... But then again you can't have clickbait titles with a normal story (outrage sells more ;) )
  • mtxguy74
    To add in to this the carriers aren't the ones setting the prices on the handsets. I think it is great the carriers are doing this but they need to get something out of it too. Maybe direct some of the outrage towards the big phone manufacturers and their inflated prices.
  • Joel_71
    This is like the worst article I've ever read on Tom's guide. Take it down. Consumers with any brain will see right through this click bait story.

    I got the buy one get one free on the Galaxy S7 last year and it worked the exact same as this one and it's a great deal.
  • ExJones
    What's bogus about receiving a free $750 Mastercard to spend on whatever you want- including paying off the phone (which, yeah, makes it free)? There are caveats to every 'deal' sir. You are clearly biased against T-Mobile for some reason. This article really just proved to me how "bogus" YOU are. I'm done following your ill-opinionated headlines followed by flaky, biased stories with no merit!
  • rgd1101
    It basically need to buy 2 and get the $750 master card, and also required 2 years contract on both phone.
    Someone need to read the article.
  • TrinityFire
    Got 3 iphone 7 rebates in total of $1600ish in Mastercard from Tmobile 3 months ago. Yes, the wait is 8 weeks and you have to get new lines., but it was no hassle, all online and didn't have to call in. Tmobile is giving you free money to try out their service which is great. And I have used Verizon, ATT and a bunch of MVNOs before coming over. I don't see why you would call it bogus, or you expect them to hand out the phone for free like a food bank.
  • Christopher_156
    Yeah well this is sooooooo typical!
    I sell smartphones at Target and this deal is very
    similar to the kinds of deals we offer. I think it's a good
  • Augustini
    It's bogus if two phones don't arrive at the same time.