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Galaxy Note 8 Revealed on Samsung's Website

Whoops! Just in case you had any doubt that the Galaxy Note 8 was launching this week at Samsung's big August 23 event, an error on the company's website has sealed the deal.

Spotted by Android Central, Samsung's online store page showed an unlocked version of the Galaxy Note 8 with 64GB of storage, which lines up with other Note 8 rumors we've seen. The listing was removed after being discovered.

Credit: Android Central

(Image credit: Android Central)

For those who prefer not to go through a carrier, the unlocked version should let you use Samsung's new flagship on any carrier you like and be free of wireless provider bloatware.

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As expected, the design shows a striking Infinity Edge display that goes from edge to edge, which is reportedly 6.3 or 6.4 inches in size. The older Galaxy Note 5 pictured next to the Note 8 in this site listing looks positively ancient by comparison. That's what happens when you lose all those bezels.

The Note 8 is also rumored to feature dual cameras on the back, an enhanced S Pen and 6GB of RAM to go along with Qualcomm's fast Snapdragon 835 processor.

Stay tuned to Tom's Guide for the truly official news as it breaks on Wednesday, as well as our hands-on impressions of the Note 8.