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How To: Share Your Vacation Online, Tastefully

Wish You Were Here: Share Without Over-Sharing

Everyone is guilty of the occasional Facebook faux pas, from the overly boastful status update to the accidental posting of phishing scams on friends’ walls. Photographic flops are by far most common offenders, with social media-philes filling their profiles with inappropriate, embarrassing and just plain boring content.

Recent updates on sites like, for example, reveal pictures of bikini bloopers, unflattering poses, and everything in between. At the same time are the less scandalous but just as bothersome over-sharers, who post photos of every meal they eat, store they visit and friend they encounter.

In an age when your boss follows you on Twitter and your grandmother has a FourSquare account, you can’t afford to injure your online following with the wrong photos. But it’s summertime, and you’re probably eager to share your adventures with family and friends. Luckily, new tech tricks and tools make picture sharing easier and more considerate than ever, letting you flaunt your photos without putting your job or reputation at risk.

Here’s our guide for sharing this summer’s vacation photos as tastefully as possible. Whether you’re recovering from a rowdy weekend with friends or just took a hundred photos at your new favorite restaurant, here are the best ways to share while keeping your privacy secure and your followers happy.