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Dueling Go 6800s: Which Rules, the Hypersonic or the CyberPower-ful?

Mano Y Mano

In November, NVIDIA unleashed the GeForce FX Go 6800 mobile graphics processor, regaining the performance crown in the mobile sector. Since that time, many companies have begun to offer systems incorporating this new chip. The two questions that remain are what options to get with it and where to buy your system from. These are valid questions indeed, given the number of system builders out there.

We have always felt that our readers should know what is available to them. More importantly, we feel that they should be able to test drive something as expensive as a high-end notebook before buying one. While we can't send a review system out to each of the millions of you who tune into Tom's for your hardware needs, we can certainly rip the hardware apart, benchmark it to death, and stress it out to see what it will do when you bring it home.

The systems up for review are the two at bottom. Second from the top is the ABS Mayhem G3 and the top system is a Toshiba.

This review will be the start of a new set of reviews you will see here at Tom's. The idea is to answer the following question: "If you could walk down the 'bleeding edge aisle' of your local computer store, which system would you take off the shelf and go home with?" But let's face it - most of you can't even find high-end systems at our local stores. So we have taken the liberty of bringing some candidates home for you to take through their paces.

Enough of the introductions, it is time to meet this week's competitors: the Hypersonic Aviator EX7 and CyberPower X7-9000.