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Yet Another Droid Incredible Battery Life Fix

The Droid Incredible won points for its HTC Sense interface and blazing speed, but users have long complained about the battery life. Reports of the battery draining from 100% to 85% in a span of a few minutes have pushed the user community resort to a variety of fixes.

Here's another proposed solution: based on stories of the Incredible's confusion regarding its own battery life, this fix focuses on resetting the smartphone's "battery full" state. From the XDA forums:

- Charge your battery like normal
- When you see the green light unplug the phone and power it down
- Plug it back up (you should see the orange light again for a while)
- When the light turns green again, then you are fully charged.


- Charge your phone fully (don’t just go by the orange light turning green check your battery under settings>about phone>>battery)
- Reboot in Recovery and get adb shell running
- Once you have adb shell (#) running type in the following commands:

mount -a
rm /data/system/batterystats.bin

- Reboot the phone immediately after running the commands
- When your phone reboots disconnect your cable and DO NOT CHARGE until the battery dies (the phone will shut off)
- When the battery dies out charge the phone like you normally would.

Any Droid Incredible users out there? Got any battery fixes to share?

Quick Tip: Extend Your DROID Incredible Battery Life

  • jhansonxi
    Command-line methods are not a user-friendly solution but at least it is possible to work around the problem without having to return the phone.
  • dameon51
    excalibur1814Its odd, winmobile 6.5 is very easy to use, stable, great community and a beauty to use on the HD2, yet all the tech pages slammed it.Here we have Android in it's seventy flavours with many problems and people lap it up.Now, before I get slammed, I do like and appreciate the platform and I wish it success... I just get a little frustrated when we're so forgiving.
    People like to pick favorites.
  • kikireeki
    I think Android still need a lot of optimization in regard to this matter.
  • f-14
    i liken this problem to the Iphone4 dropping calls. people need to send their phones back as defective to get anything done rather then monkey around with b.s. end user fixes. this is something the designers & manufacturer as supposed to have fixed and tested before release. these people are not being compensated near enough for doing all the beta testing and fixing.
  • Zinosys
    Huh. I have an incredible and that hasn't happened to me. Interesting, maybe I'll investigate a little more...
  • cookoy
    Yup, Incredible confusion about this story too!
  • @excalibur
    Its also about money, google pays for the companies to deploy more smartphones that uses android OS. They use apps and other things to collect info about users to sell to get even more money.

    Most of google's software/projects has issues with privacy (look at the recent Wifi data steal issue). And the "If you don't have anything to hide then you don't have a problem" attitude of google is quite annoying, or else why is it called "Privacy"?.

  • jhanschu
    I've noticed this battery drop in my Inc. But it's only been to about 95% then there's a more gradual battery use. From what I've heard there is an update coming soon to fix several nuisances, but whether this is one I'm not sure. Also there's the rumored 2.2 update by summers end that may fix this, but then again, just rumor.
  • damian86
    Whatever, I want my xperia to get the update and fixed
  • war2k9
    Winmo 6.5 is a face lift of winmo 6, so it has been around for sometime.
    Lets wait for winmo 7 and see how good is it.