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Yet Another Droid Incredible Battery Life Fix

The Droid Incredible won points for its HTC Sense interface and blazing speed, but users have long complained about the battery life. Reports of the battery draining from 100% to 85% in a span of a few minutes have pushed the user community resort to a variety of fixes.

Here's another proposed solution: based on stories of the Incredible's confusion regarding its own battery life, this fix focuses on resetting the smartphone's "battery full" state. From the XDA forums:

- Charge your battery like normal
- When you see the green light unplug the phone and power it down
- Plug it back up (you should see the orange light again for a while)
- When the light turns green again, then you are fully charged.


- Charge your phone fully (don’t just go by the orange light turning green check your battery under settings>about phone>>battery)
- Reboot in Recovery and get adb shell running
- Once you have adb shell (#) running type in the following commands:

mount -a
rm /data/system/batterystats.bin

- Reboot the phone immediately after running the commands
- When your phone reboots disconnect your cable and DO NOT CHARGE until the battery dies (the phone will shut off)
- When the battery dies out charge the phone like you normally would.

Any Droid Incredible users out there? Got any battery fixes to share?

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