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Flying Sauces: Domino's Testing Drone Pizza Delivery

Soon, a drone bringing you a pizza will no longer be a pie-in-the-sky fantasy. No, the pie will literally be in the sky.

That is, in New Zealand, anyway, where Domino's Pizza is running test flights in the city of Auckland. The pizza company has teamed with Flirtey for its autonomous drone technology. Minister of transport Simon Bridges and representatives from New Zealand's Civil Aviation Authority were in attendance for the first test flight.

Domino's and Flirtey hope to have approval to start making regular deliveries in 2017. That may be possible in New Zealand, which seems to be forward thinking in its drone policies, but we're curious to see if it expands to Europe and the United States.

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This isn't Domino's first foray into robots delivering pizza. Back in March, it announced the Domino's Robotic Unit, or DRU, a self-driving delivery robot that takes sidewalks, paths and bridges to deliver pizzas to customers' homes. Clearly, Domino's is hell bent on using any technology possible to replace its delivery-driving workforce.

Domino's isn't the only company that wants to use delivery drones. Amazon has been working on tests in the UK and Google's Project Wing is working on its own way to send packages to customers.

I live in New York, so I'm skeptical for two reasons: It's hard to imagine a drone coming to my apartment, and I can go get real New York slice right down the block.

But hey, if I'm feeling really lazy? Sure, I'll let Domino's deliver to my roof. I just hope it won't revoke my NYC cred.