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Desktop Graphics Ambitions: ATi Mobile Radeon 9800

OpenGL: Quake III Team Arena

With Quake III, we also use our own time demo, THG3.dem. All measurements are taken with the maximum quality settings of the game.

The results with Quake 3 Team Arena confirm the trend of previous results: In terms of 3D performance, mobile systems with an MR9800 are considerably superior to the mobile competition. As mentioned above, we can only attribute the poor performance of the Inspiron 9100 in this test to the driver bug (8.013.1-040610a-016169E-Dell).

We will only be able to provide a final answer to this phenomenon once Dell sends us the driver (Package 8.01-040421a-015066E-ATi) used on the Inspiron XPS test system for a cross check.