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Dell Pitches $4500 WoW Notebook

Positioned as new flagships of the manufacturer’s 17” XPS series, the models are available with two custom themes (Horde of Alliance, Faction Allegiance) and a “bonus items” backpack. Beyond the WoW bling-bling - which includes The Burning Crusade and Battle Chest games, desktop artwork and screensavers, strategy guides, a making of-DVD, a Golden Ticket, an account upgrade certificate, and a beta club card - there aren’t many details that differentiate the systems form a regular XPS M1730 notebook.

While Dell has not released all the details of the WoW notebook yet, there’s the same memory, storage space, physics processor and wireless as in the regular lineup, which currently ranges from about $2700 to $4400 in standard configurations. However, the WoW Edition allows users to upgrade to a 3.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor, which is not available for other M1730s, according to Dell’s configuration pages. Options for the notebooks include a $750 SSD RAID (64 GB SSD + 200 GB HDD) or a $1650 SSD RAID (2x64 GB) as well as a Blu-ray ROM ($200) or a Blu-ray burner ($400).

Dell said the WoW notebooks will be available for purchase for customers who pre-registered for early access during the “It Begins” quest. The system will be available to all U.S. customers on December 11.