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Dell's First 8K Monitor is Crazy Sharp, Crazy Expensive

Forget 4K — there are already a variety of stunning 8K displays running rampant at CES 2017. One of our favorites so far is Dell's new UltraSharp monitor, which is the world's first 32-inch 8K display capable of displaying four times the content of a standard 4K monitor. Its $5,000 price tag means that only the most hardcore professionals need apply, but it sure is an absolute treat to look at.

Key Specs and Features

  • The Dell UP3218K can display over one billion colors, as well as close to 33 billion pixels. That's a whole lot of detail.
  • Featuring Dell's PremierColor technology, this 8K monitor is made for creative professionals. It's built to deliver 100 percent of the Adobe RGB and sRGB color gamuts, meaning images on the screen should look incredibly rich and color-accurate.

Early Impressions

It's hard to do Dell's 8K monitor justice with words and pictures — this is the kind of display you really need to witness in person to believe. I viewed a gallery of photos that included detailed cityscapes, digital schematics and a striking collage of colorful paint, and each image looked stunningly lifelike. When looking at an image of a boxer, I could see the tiny hairs on the back of his neck stand up, which was equal parts creepy and jaw-dropping.

I also saw a few comparison shots that put 1080p, 4K and 8K images side-by-side, and the benefits of the added detail made possible by 8K were abundantly clear.

Pricing, Availability and Outlook

The UP3218K is due in March and will sell for $4,999 — that's more than twice the price of Apple's $1,799 5K iMac, which features an entire computer built inside. The UltraSharp 32's high price tag will likely restrict it to creative professionals willing to shell out for the sharpest, most colorful display out there, but based on my eyes-on impressions, those that can afford Dell's 8K display will be very pleased.

At Dell's CES press conference, the company said that it hopes to help drive down the price of 8K displays over time, much like how 4K displays are currently becoming more affordable. Until that happens, we're looking forward to spending more time with the UP3218K in the near future.