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Crysis 2 is a 'Solved Challenge' for Consoles

When the original Crysis hit the PC years ago, it was almost a given that such amazing graphics weren't touchable by the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3. While most of that is still true, Crytek has tapped deeper into the Microsoft and Sony consoles than realistically possible years back and now promise to deliver the "best graphics you've ever seen" on your machine, regardless of platform. But achieving this hasn't been easy.

"The decision to enter the console market for engines was first driven by our desire to make console games. That's what we always wanted to do," Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli explained in an interview with Game Reactor. "The big challenge during the development of CryENGINE3 has been scaling the engine whilst maintaining the visual quality and performance. This is always challenging; problems occurred of course, but we're really proud that our teams have managed to solve them as we proved in line with several engine presentations and will prove with Crysis 2."

Yerli thinks that console gamers will be getting a fresh new game paradigm with Crysis 2. He said, "I think for console gamers especially the freedom of Crysis 2 gameplay is very interesting. Crysis gameplay is not about 'go anywhere', it is about looking at a situation from a great vantage point and then formulating a plan which you proactively initiate and defeat your foes."

Those with the keyboard and mouse, however, going to Crysis will be like revisiting an old friend after he's had a makeover. "For PC gamers, I think, Crysis 2 is more fun, looks amazing, and runs well on all platforms, and no one will feel cheated by their respective experience," Yerli added.