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Couldn't Decide Between the e310 and the e740? Well Here's the e330!

VOBenchmark 2

VOBenchmark is undoubtedly the most widespread benchmark test.

The processor result seems pretty logical: the 300 MHz Xscale is halfway between the 206 MHz and 400 MHz Intel processors.

The graphics chip is the same as on the e310, making the test results pretty much the same for both devices. So, nothing new here, either. But while the MediaQ chip is better than the ATI one in the early versions of the e740, it turns out a lot slower when the ATI drivers are updated.

Note that the chips that Compaq and Asus use in their PDAs do not do as well as those chosen by Toshiba.

Memory-wise, all the devices are neck and neck.

Overall, the tests mainly show the advantage of the processor. As we said before, the e330 results are halfway between those of the e310 and the e740. VO reckons its 300MHz processor is 24% faster than the e310 (206 MHz) and 25% slower than the e740 (400 MHz). The PocketPC OS may not be optimized for Xscale, but the frequency changes are noticeable in the tests, though less so in practice. There is still no marked acceleration in launching applications.