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Comcast Takes on Google with 2Gbps Internet

Comcast might not always have the best reputation when it comes to giving customers what they want, but the company could turn that around with its new blazing-fast internet service. Today (April 2), the company announced Gigabit Pro, a 2 Gigabit-per-second fiber internet service that aims to dethrone Google Fiber as the fastest residential Internet in the U.S. when it arrives next month.

Gigabit Pro will start rolling out in Atlanta, where any customer close enough to Comcast's fiber network can have the service installed. The company plans to bring the service to additional cities shortly after, and aims to have Gigiabit Pro in 18 million homes by the end of 2015. Comcast says that Gigabit Pro is symmetrical, meaning you should be able to enjoy download speeds that are as fast as your uploads.

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Comcast's new service is twice as fast as Google Fiber, which offers 1GBps speeds. It also has the potential to be more than four times faster than Verizon's FiOS Quantum service, which maxes out at 500 MBps and is available in an $85 monthly Internet and TV package.

While far from ubiquitous, Google Fiber still leads Gigabit Pro in terms of reach. The high-speed service is currently available in Austin, Texas; Kansas City; and Provo, Utah, and will eventually expand to Salt Lake City; Nashville, Tenn.; Atlanta; Charlotte, N.C.; and Raleigh-Durham, N.C. Google Fiber starts at $70 per month for Internet only, and costs $120 per month for Internet and TV.

Comcast has yet to announce how much its Google Fiber competitor will cost, nor has it mentioned how soon the program will expand past Atlanta. It remains to be seen how many customers will adopt Comcast's new super-fast service, but, if enough do, we could eventually see it spread to other major cities.

Source: Comcast

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  • Josh Mahurin
    You keep using a capital B then using the word bits. Internet speeds are measured in bits so it's a lower case b.
  • edwinmeese
    Total marketing scam. No home user needs 2Gbs speed. Not even 1Gbs. You could stream 150 to 250 HD movies -simultaneously- with 1Gbs. Only a business user with 10's or 100's of employees, cash registers, terminals etc., or -maybe- someone who runs a website needs that kind of speed.
  • JD G
    If I had to I would stab myself in the leg with a needle and then pay more money if it meant never having to give a cent to Comcast.
  • glasssplinter
    Such bs on comcraps part. They can barely deliver their advertised speeds now, what makes me think they can launch this in 18 million homes in a few months? What's the data limit though? 2 GB for $500 a month?
  • Harleylowspeed
    But, you have to deal with Comcast and mystery charges on your bill - screw that.
  • uglyduckling81
    This makes me so sad to read. Australia had a plan to roll out 100mbit fibre connections to every home in Australia since our average speed is 2mbits or something like that. Then the Liberal Government gets elected on the back of Murdock money that owns pay TV in Australia and doesn't want fast Internet because it will compete with his over priced TV service. They cancel the NBN (National Broadband Network) so now only woks currently in development will be finished and all future works cancelled. We will wallow in low speed for an age it seems since we have no private industry improving our infrastructure.
  • kammak743
    They're all trying the numbers game again. Tricking people into thinking they need these speeds. I've only just got a 40mb/s connection and it works fine so I really can't see anyone needing more than 500mb/s. The only situation I can see it used in is having a single connection to many many apartments in a closely packed area.