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Chrome May Lose Its URL Bar

It's no

t like Chrome is a particularly heavy browser as far as its UI is concerned, but Google is apparently thinking about removing even more elements from Chrome's surface to give web content more space. In this latest move, there is the idea that the URL bar, called Omnibox, could be eliminated from the browser UI, which would give Chrome more vertical space for web pages and applications.   

However, it isn't a done deal yet and Google specifically mentions that users would have an opportunity to switch between the old "classic" layout and the new "compact" version. And even if the URL bar disappears, it is not eliminated in its entirety. The URL bar would simply be integrated into open tabs and could be edited in those as well.

Strangely enough, Google is planning to do more with the URL bar in the future than it has in the past, which questions the chances of the removal of the URL bar. Chrome 11 or Chrome 12 are set to receive an Omnibox extension that will allow users to launch web apps directly from the URL bar.

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