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Slide-out USB Drive is a Stylish Metal Block

With an aesthetic reminiscent of the Mac Pro, Sandisk's Check Point Abra USB Drive holds up to 32GB of data in a small block of steel. Most of the drive is smooth, save for the rough surface that facilitates sliding out the USB plug. According to DesignBoom, the seamless look by design firm Luna is meant to mimic "an impenetrable monolith that would communicate the device's secure features."

The Abra is marketed by Sandisk as a portable VPN access point for corporate employees. All workers have to do is plug the drive into a plug-and-play capable PC with net connectivity, and they can activate a virtual workspace that allows them to get things done away from the office. Sandisk promises that the workspace will remain completely secure, as it's completely segregated from the PC the Abra runs on.

Sounds good, but as a pocket device that will most likely share space with keys and coins, the steel finish of the Abra is probably pretty vulnerable to scratching.

Check Point Abra