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Captain Marvel Trailer Reaction: When Can I Buy Tickets?

We already knew that Captain Marvel (played by Brie Larson) would be a major part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's film canon, but it took until this morning for me to truly feel excited. That's how great this new trailer is.

Credit: Marvel

(Image credit: Marvel)

Not only is the dream of the 90's alive and well — holy heck, a Blockbuster Video! — but Brie Larson looks like the badass female film lead that many wanted Black Widow to be. From looking calm under the stress of having some kinds of lasers blasting into the sides of her head to the confidence with which she decks a bus rider (who I'd bet is a Skrull in disguise), I'm more than ready for this.

Freeze-frame analysis of the trailer also shows that we'll be getting scenes of Danvers' civilian forces training, as well as her time in an alien city (which could be the Kree planet of Hala?). Also, some of the dialogue suggests she may have amnesia, so it looks like we'll be getting to know both sides of Ms. Danvers along with her.

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The other major star of this trailer, though, is a fitter, younger Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), though he's already acting like he's too old for this … stuff. But then, when he tells someone (presumably Danvers) that meeting them changed his mind, my brain started spinning.

As much as I want a story that fully explains who Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers is, and why she's so damn cool, this film may give us even more. Specifically, I'm starting to expect this film will also be a Nick Fury origin story, as he's got both of his eyes in this trailer. His retro attire — check out that holster around his back — could also be a part of a pre-SHIELD uniform, and so we could see how he got involved with this super-powered universe.

Oh, and if you thought you saw a familiar, but younger, face? Yes, that was Agent Coulson, in his more youthful days. Wonder how many Capt. America trading cards he's collected.

So, as the trailer ended, and Larson said "I'm not what you think I am," I pondered opening Twitter and @'ing Marvel Studios and my local Alamo Drafthouse theater, to ask one simple phrase. "Where's the dang pre-sale?"