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Bugatti Electric Supercar in the Works

Bugatti, makers of the automotive world's high-performance equivalent of bling, are now toying with an electric powertrain that can generate 597 kW of juice. That's the same kind of power you get from a Ferrari FXX—the $2 million gasoline-powered speedster given by Ferrari to Michael Schumacher for his first retirement.

According to Auto Express, the Bugatti prototype takes some cues from the Audi's R8 E-Tron powertrain and the Bentley Continental GT chassis. With an advanced lithium-ion battery pack and two powerful electric motors, the prototype dishes out an awesome 2,200N-m of torque from 0mph (the engine of a 2011 Honda Civic Hybrid provides roughly 167N-m of torque). Concerns remain however, over the prototype's power requirements, especially during acceleration and continuous driving.

Don't trade in that sexy Pruis yet! It's unlikely the car will hit the production line, limited or otherwise. Insiders suggest that the vehicle is purely a demonstration model meant to be a testbed for Bugatti engineers, much like the Bell X-1 during the early days of supersonic flight.

via TreeHugger