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The Watch for Armchair Martial Artists

For those who take the time and effort to hone their bodies into finely-tuned weapons, they get to wear a black belt as a mark of distinction and honor. They're also eligible to own a special luxury watch, the Black Belt. Its $3,000 price tag financially embodies the emotional, physical and psychological investment that goes in to becoming a kiai-ing warrior of destruction.

For the rest of us, our experience with martial arts is limited to Jet Li films and UFC pay-per-views. If you're such an individual, then rejoice: the makers of the Black Belt have realized that yes, martial arts is a spectator sport, and it's time to give the audience a chance to show off their love for the gentle art of delivering a roundhouse kick to a man's face.

You can think of the Black Belt Spirit as a low-end version of the luxury model. It's got a quartz chronograph in place of the Black Belt's finely crafted Swiss clockwork, and maintains just enough of the original's East Asian flourishes that tells onlookers, "I may not know karate, but I know of it." 

[source: Black Belt Watches via Crunch Gear]