Most Anticipated Board and Card Games

Board games like Dungeons and Dragons are enjoying a resurgence. And Uno fans were shook earlier this year when an eagle-eyed player informed people about the right way to play a Draw Four card. But whether you’re giving someone a lie detector test or sending them to the poor house Overwatch-style, here are the board and card games we're excited to play this year.

Monopoly Overwatch Collector’s Edition

Need a break from staring at a screen for hours, but still want to play Overwatch? Say no more. Hasbro’s latest version of Monopoly, the Overwatch Collector’s Edition will scratch that itch. Available in the spring for $49.99, players will need to create a team of three and traverse around the board collecting loot boxes and completing objective to earn a high enough score to win. I’m really excited about the high-detail character pieces and that Hasbro swapped out one of the traditional dice for one that determines ability usage. In a game of strategy, skill and luck remember, “heroes never die.”

Pictionary Air

OK, OK. So this isn’t exactly a board game or a card game, but it’s still pretty fun. Instead of drawing on a massive sheet of paper, Mattel’s new version of Pictionary (available Fall 2019 for $19.99) has players use a Bluetooth-connected pen to try and sketch clues in thin air. If you thought drawing was hard before, try doing it without visible lines. Meanwhile, you frenzied drawings appear on a tablet or smartphone (for bigger crowds, you can cast the screen to a TV) as your team tries to make a correct guess. In addition to your air sketches, you can give small verbal cues, which throws a little Charades action into the mix.


Otrio is the thinking person's Tic-Tac-Toe. Available for $29.99, SpinMaster’s game pits up to four people against each other in a race to get three in a row. Each player chooses a set of three colored concentric rings. From there, you can get three in a row by getting three rings of the same or different size in a row or if you’re lucky, you can secure the win in one square. It’s a game of sharp eyes and even sharper strategy that will keep you entertained for hours.

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Trivial Pursuit Netflix’s Stranger Things Back to the 80’s Edition Game

Think you know the 80s? Love Stranger Things? Well, it’s time to put that love and knowledge to the test with Trivial Pursuit Stranger Things Back to 80’s Edition Game. Sporting 1500 trivia cards, Hasbro’s $19.99 game (available April 22, 2019) features six categories (Movies, TV, Music, Famous People and Events, Trends, Tech and Fun and Stranger Things). The first to collect six wedges wins but beware of Portal Cards that send everyone to the Upside Down where you can lose wedges. It’s a great way to celebrate the 80’s and the awesomeness of Steve’s hair.

Uno Flip

Uno’s about to get a lot more heated. Mattel’s latest take on the popular card game, Uno Flip debuts this spring for $5.99 and will turn the whole game on its head. Unlike a regular deck, in Flip, both sides of the card have a number or face card. The regular rules of Uno apply unless someone draws a Wild Flip card. Then everyone has to turn over their hand, essentially playing with a whole new hand. Smart players will want to get an early advantage by checking out the backs of other players’ hands for future reference. Also, there’s a Draw Five card, so yeah, let the fun, and arguments begin.

Wacky Races Board Game

Fans of the late 1960’s Hanna Barbera series Wacky Races, get ready to rev your engines. Cmon Inc. has created a board game based on the beloved series complete with all your favorite racers. The game is pretty simple, once the track cards are laid out and you pick your racer, your job is to move by matching the terrain with cards from your hand. But be careful ne’er do wells Dick Dastardly and his dog Muttley are there every step of the way laying down all sorts of devious traps to stop you. But depending on your racer’s stats and abilities, you can pull out the win and reach the finish line first. There are two versions of the game set to launch. The $44.99 version that debuts in April feature paper cards and unpainted character pieces while the $80 version (set to launch later this year) has high detail models and cardboard card.

Ramen Fury

Who says you can’t play with your food? In Ramen Fury ($7.99, 2019 launch), the goal is to make the tastiest bowl of ramen using the cards in your hand. Every round you’re attempted to gather all the ingredients for your recipe while enhancing the flavor (and earning more points with garnishes. But beware, opposing chefs will try to ruin your sip by playing chili pepper cards to throw your recipe out of whack or worse, steal ingredients right out of your bowl. It’s a fun and tasty way to play.

Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set Game

It wouldn’t be a board game list without at least one Dungeons & Dragons game. Set to release a few months before the third season of Stranger Things (April 22, 2019), the $24.99 game lets you play the game that started it all for Mike and the Gang. There’s even a Demogorgan for you to face in the foreboding castle. The game comes with a rulebook, character sheets and six dice. Just be careful you don’t end up in the upside-down.

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