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Replica Batpod From The Dark Knight on Auction

If you weren't impressed when the Batpod ejected from the downed "Tumbler" in The Dark Knight, check your pulse. You're either dead, or worse, not a true geek. Not even a ride in this real-life Batpod could help you. That's right: Up for sale on eBay is a replica Batpod, the result of "2 months of intense research and over 1000 manhours of labor" according to the seller. The starting price? $100,000.

Tucked away in the hardened steel frame is a 4-stroke 650cc engine, with a direct port nitro inject providing an extra boost. The bike also features those distinctive 50 centimeter wheels, and non-working mock-ups of weaponry (drat). And yes, riding the replica batpod requires lying prone across the top, just like bats!

All the hardware necessary to make the bike move is there, but unfortunately the sellers fall short of certifying road-worthiness to cover any potential legal liability. They stress that they're selling a "movie prop", and are even selling the batpod with one chain removed to keep the potential buyer from riding off after the purchase. While the bike "has been tested in a controlled environment", eBay user badrobot2002 wants to make sure that any actual movement is the responsibility of the buyer.

On top of that, even taking a look at the bike isn't cheap. A non-refundable deposit of $5000 is required to set up an appointment. Clearly, getting involved with this replica batpod requires a lot of money—purchasing power close to Bruce Wayne's.

2011 Custom Built Motorcycles Batpod ($100,000)