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Top Features of Apple watchOS 2

The Apple Watch may only be a few months old, but that hasn't stopped Apple from keeping its debut smartwatch fresh with new features since its early 2015 launch. Apple's just-released watchOS 2 is the wearable's biggest software update yet, delivering more personalization, better third-party app support and a handful of welcome tweaks that make it easier to stay organized right from your wrist. From fresh watch faces to a beefed-up Siri, here are some of the key watchOS 2 features that turn the Apple Watch into an even better device.

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New, Customizable Watch Faces

WatchOS 2 adds more than just a pretty face, but its new watch faces sure are pretty. Watch owners can now utilize one of six new time-lapse backgrounds, which let you view iconic locations such as London and New York City from sunrise to sundown. You can also set any of your personal photos as your background, including Apple's GIF-like Live Photos.

Digital Complications

The Apple Watch now supports complications from third-party apps, meaning you can have information such as your upcoming flight time or breaking news headlines right on your watch face. Whether you use the feature to keep track of your smart home devices or view workout activity, the Apple Watch's improved complications allow you to get even more info at a quick glance.

Time Travel

WatchOS 2's Time Travel feature won't actually beam you to the future, but it's a great way to stay organized. You can turn the Digital Crown forward to see what's on your calendar for tomorrow, or rewind things a bit to recap what you got done yesterday.

A Better Siri

Apple is constantly evolving its Siri virtual assistant across a variety of devices, and the Apple Watch is no exception. With watchOS 2, you can now ask Siri to do things such as get you transit directions, search the dictionary and even calculate the tip after dinner.

Improved Apple Pay

The Apple Watch's ability to make cashless Apple Pay payments right from your wrist was already pretty convenient, and the feature is even better on watchOS 2. You can now use Discover cards with Apple's mobile payments service, as well as select rewards cards from shops such as Walgreens and Dunkin' Donuts.

Nightstand Mode

Nightstand mode effectively turns your Apple Watch into an alarm clock. When you plug the device in and leave it resting on its side for the night, the display shows a glowing digital clock, while the Digital Crown transforms into a snooze button for when you're not quite ready to get out of bed.

Transit Directions

Public transit directions is a key new feature of iOS 9, and fortunately, it's trickled down to the Apple Watch. WatchOS 2 makes it easy to map out your trip via bus or train, complete with walking directions both before and after you reach your stop.

More Security

WatchOS 2 doesn't just make the Apple Watch more feature-rich -- it also makes the wearable more secure. If your Apple Watch gets lost or stolen, you can lock the device from your iPhone, ensuring that no one else gains access to your data.