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Last-Minute Apple Watch 4 Rumors: All LTE, EKG on Board

In a stash of little Apple rumors ahead of tomorrow’s Apple event, proved Apple crystal ball Ming-Chi Kuo shares an interesting tidbit that may confirm our theory: the Apple Watch Series 4 may be going all-in on LTE.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

According to a previous rumor, Apple is allegedly releasing six new Apple Watch Series 4 models at the company’s upcoming iOS September 12 event. Kuo’s last-minute note says that all these watches will have ceramic backs.

If true, this may be indicative that the new models will use LTE. Right now, the Apple Watch Series 3 only uses ceramic backs for the LTE models. The Apple Watch models that only have GPS use composite glass.

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Kuo also claims that the new watches will all have electrocardiogram monitoring capabilities — EKG is a method to gauge your heart’s rhythm, recording its electrical activity at the same time.

That Apple Watch 4 could proved to be a useful medical device to monitor your vitals, which is in line with Apple’s plans to help yourself and your doctors keep you healthy and detect any problems in advance. Combined with the alleged standard LTE capabilities, this may turn the Apple Watch Series 4 in the best health-monitoring device out there.

Jesus Diaz

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