Google to Control Your House With Android@Home

Today Android may live only on your tablet and smartphone and interact as mostly a standalone device, but Google has plans for its mobile operating system to take over your home.

Android@Home was announced today at Google IO, which opens the door for what many imagined to be defining features of "the home of the future."

Google will release open source libraries so that anyone can create an Android-compatible device that will allow Android to interface and control it. In a full Androidified home, that would mean using your smartphone or tablet to control the lights or the operation of the sprinklers outside.

This functionality could also extend to music, where users of Google Music (Beta) will be able to stream the collection to any compatible device in the house.

For a cool demo of what Google showed today at its keynote, hit up this YouTube link here.

Google further wrote in its official blog:

From the beginning, Android was designed to extend beyond the mobile phone. With that in mind, we’ve developed Android Open Accessory to help developers start building new hardware accessories that will work across all Android devices. We previewed an initiative called Android@Home, which allows Android apps to discover, connect and communicate with appliances and devices in your home. We also showed a preview of Project Tungsten, an Android device for Music Beta to give you more control over music playback within the Android@Home network.

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  • joytech22
    Let's just agree that if your angry with Google, you have something to hide.