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Is This the Touchscreen Amazon Echo?

Amazon recently announced an Echo with a built in camera called the Echo Look. Soon, it could be launching a device with a camera and a touchscreen.

Credit: EVLeaks

(Image credit: EVLeaks)

If rumors are to be believed, a small image found by AFTVnews on Amazon's servers is the first look we're getting at the company's newest Alexa-enabled device. EVLeaks also found some higher-resolution images, which show the device in more detail, as well as the fact that it will come in white or black.

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The image appears to show a wedge-shaped device with a speaker, a rectangular touchscreen and possibly a small camera along the top.

There's good reason to believe that this photo is the real deal. AFTVnews found a photo of the Echo Look in a similar manner, by crawling Amazon's site for information about upcoming products. Also, Cnet reported in late April that Amazon could launch an Echo with a screen in the next month.

If the image is accurate, it looks like the touchscreen Echo (Echo Touch, perhaps?) could be used as a sort of small bedside companion, such as a smart alarm clock. In addition to delivering news, weather, and other information, the camera suggests it could also be used as a communication device, too.

The touchscreen Echo would join the growing stable of Amazon's other Alexa-enabled devices—the Echo, Echo Dot, Tap, and Echo Look—as well as third-party speakers such as the Jam Voice, as well as the Ecobee4 smart thermostat.

  • Nei1
    I never bought the paranoia about laptop webcams secretly sending pictures of me as I pick my nose. But a bedside Echo with a webcam watching me continuously while I sleep, or whatever?