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#Overkill? #AmazonCart Lets You Shop from Twitter

Twitter is one of the most convenient social media platforms, and no one is more aware of this fact than Amazon. The online megastore just launched its #AmazonCart initiative, which allows users to add Amazon products to their shopping carts without ever leaving Twitter.

The idea is very simple and potentially convenient. First, link your Amazon and Twitter accounts. Then, when you see an Amazon link in a tweet, simply reply to the tweet with the #AmazonCart hashtag. Doing this will add the item to your account's Amazon shopping cart, and allow you to follow through with the purchase (or think better of the item and delete it) whenever you choose.

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While #AmazonCart could prove convenient, it's also something of a solution in search of a problem. Clicking on an Amazon link in Twitter will take you right to a product's page, where adding it to your cart is only an additional click away. The process is even simpler on a mobile device, as you can program the Amazon app to open up every time you click on an Amazon link.

Another potential disadvantage to #AmazonCart is that while your shopping cart is still private, your Twitter responses are anything but. If you add a new movie or video game to your cart via Twitter, that's one thing, but imagine adding pharmaceuticals or racy fare.

Either way, using #AmazonCart is incredibly easy, so there's no reason not to give it a try. You can set up the process at the #AmazonCart website, and then try it yourself by replying to any tweet with an Amazon link.

The next step, of course, would be for Amazon to let you buy items directly through Twitter, but the average consumer (and his or her wallet) is probably not ready for that just yet.

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