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Verizon: Unlimited Data Officially Ends July 6

Verizon Wireless representative Brenda Raney has reportedly confirmed that the Big Red will officially close its unlimited data doors on July 6, thus kicking off the dreaded tier pricing plans the next day, July 7. Starting Thursday, new customers will have three options at their disposal: $30 for 2 GB, $50 for 5 GB or $80 for 10 GB.

"This change sets the stage for all the promise of 4G ... [and] when much of the computing we do will be wireless," Raney told the Wall Street Journal. "It's preparing for the future and setting the stage where people will pay for what they use."

Raney added that customers will pay $10 for each additional GB they use beyond their plan, but there will be safeguards set in place to warn users of their data usage before they cross the allowed limits. And while the wireless tap will seemingly be narrowed to a trickle, here's a bit of good news: 95-percent of Verizon Wireless customers typically consume less than 2 GB a month anyway. Raney said that number equals to around 2,000 emails (with attachments we assume) or 20 hours of streaming video.

"Those customers who are the heavy data users are going to pay for what they use," she said. Additionally, feature phones – those which typically offer basic Internet access – will require users to pay $10 for a measly 75 MB instead of the previous $29.99 unlimited monthly plan. Freestanding users – those that don't want a subscription – will be required to pay $1.99 per MB.

Verizon customers who have already signed on prior to July 7 will be able to retain their unlimited plans, even when upgrading to a new phone, Raney said.