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Twitter Testing Music Service; Opens To All Next Week

Twitter has essentially confirmed its music service by launching a dedicated website at Currently it has nothing to offer potential customers, stating "coming soon" while throwing up a sign-on button that leads absolutely nowhere.

It's a big tease to say the least, and Twitter's blog is remaining silent on the subject other than asking social butterflies to cast their votes for the MTV Movie Awards. However the company confirmed via Twitter Comms on Thursday that it has indeed acquired music service We Are Hunted, seemingly backing the Twitter Music reports.

As previously reported, this startup service tracks social activity to show what music is trending on message boards, blogs, social networks and more. It was created by four Australian developers in 2009: Stephen Phillips, Richard Slatter, Michael Doherty and Nick Crocker. Investor Graeme Wood dumped $3 million into the project, and on April 17, 2009, We Are Hunted opened its doors to the public.

Sources told AllThingsD on Friday that the Twitter Music service is actually up and running, that only a handful of "influencers" are currently testing and teasing the service. American Idol's Ryan Seacrest actually spilled the beans on Twitter Music's status, and sources claim that a dozen other celebrities will start chatting about the service over the next several days. Non-famous people with iPhones won't see the app until next week, sources said.

According to previous reports, Twitter Music will suggest artists and songs based on "a variety of signals". It will also be personalized based on what the user is following on Twitter. Songs will be streamed to the app through SoundCloud.

The upcoming Twitter Music app will consist of a number of tabs including "Suggested", "Popular", "Now Playing" and "Emerging". The "Suggested" tab lists songs and artists based on the user's follower graph, meaning artists they are following, and artists that other people they follow are following. The "Now Playing" tab captures tweets from people the user follows who uses the #NowPlaying hashtag. "Popular" lists the trending songs and "Emerging" lists up-and-coming artists.

"Playing with @twitter's new music app (yes it's real!)...there's a serious dance party happening at idol right now," Seacrast teased on Twitter.

Well aren't you just a lucky ducky.

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